About Iris

Iris was initially drawn to Yoga to find a long lasting release for her recurrent back problems, but was soon also amazed by the great joy and peace of mind it brought her. She quickly became fascinated by the buoyancy feeling brought by connecting the movement with the breath, and after a 5 years of practice decided to let her corporate career behind to become a Yoga teacher.

She was first trained in Hatha in Spain, and extended her practice and teaching to Yin, Vinyasa and Meditation. She has a down to earth approach to Yoga, and try to raise the joy in her students, as she lead them through fluid, fun and creative flows.

Since 2014, she has been giving private, corporate and studio classes in Brisbane. Her classes range from gentle to dynamic, and are adaptable for all levels of experience. She also has the great pleasure to teach yoga in her three languages : English, French and Spanish.

So whether you are just a little curious about yoga, want to be in better shape or ready to raise your level of consciousness, Yoga is worth trying. Whatever is your objective at starting Yoga, you will embrace a feeling of well being as soon you get started

Iris’ Yoga and Meditation Training, 520 hours:

  • 200 hours Yoga Teacher training with Aura Wellness Center. 2014

  • 5 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Tara Fitzgibbon (Terra Firma). 2015

  • 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Tara Fitzgibbon (Terra Firma).2016

  • 20 hours, Reiki level 1 with Kaya Slater (Yoga Bones)2016

  • 6 hours Hands on adjustment, with Trishna Peacock (Shake your Buddha). 2017

  • 20 hours Yoga Therapy for Head, Neck and Shoulders with Celia Roberts. 2017

  • 5 hours Lucid Dreaming Meditation Training, with Celia Roberts. 2018

  • 20 hours Yoga Therapy for arms, legs and lower back with Simon Borg-Oliver. 2018

  • 20 hours Yoga Therapy for Sacroiliac Joints (SIJ), with Donna Farrhi. 2019

  • 150 hours Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine, with BIYOME Celia Roberts. 2021

  • 25 hours Body-Mind Structural Yoga Therapy with Gwyn Williams and Kimmana Nichols, 2022