Private Classes

Yoga for a serene mind in a healthier body

Sometimes we just need a little more attention and care, and a private yoga session offers you a mean to deal with specific personal needs, questions or injuries.


It offers individual attention, continual adjustments and alignment corrections to suit your individual body type.

They are a great option for many reasons:

– Gaining initial experience:

Beginning yoga students can feel overwhelmed in typical class settings, particularly during the first few classes. A private yoga instructor shows each move personally and can help improve form immediately, which makes it easier to get started.

– Focusing on personal goals:

Working on in-depth practice,strength, balance, flexibility, meditation, particular poses, designing a home practice…

– Overcoming health concern:

Injuries and health concerns can make a normal yoga class impractical for some participants. Private yoga classes will be designed to work around the injury/health issue or towards recovery.

– Busy people!

Depending on your job or family setting maybe you just don’t have the time to go to a yoga studio. In this case, the yoga class will come to you .

How does it work?

At home or onsite classes ranges from 1 to 10 students, so you can opt for one on one classes, or form a group with your family and friends to share both the cost and the fun (see prices below).

Finally, whether you are a foreigner and want to practice in your mother tongue or are learning another language, I offer classes in English, French and Spanish.

The classes are provided in the Brisbane area.


6 to 8 persons : $20/h/ea
3 to 5 persons : $30/h/ea
2 persons : $45/h/ea
1 person : $90/h

Please add for travel expenses:

$0 if you live less than 15km from Moorooka, Brisbane.
$10 if you live more than 15km from Moorooka, Brisbane.

To be defined for out of Brisbane destinations.